Safe Skin Bleaching Treatments

Many people who have an interest in the subject of skin bleaching, (such as those who have a serious skin condition like vitiligo), may be shocked to learn that doctors are making people seriously ill through the prescription of dangerous chemicals.

The chemical hydroquinone is still being prescribed in the US and a few other countries for the purposes of skin bleaching, as a cream which has been proven to cause terrible side effects in almost 100% of patients when used for a prolonged period of time.

This prescription medication is most often prescribed as a harsh cosmetic treatment for vitiligo or hypo-pigmentation, a condition where the user loses pigmentation in patches of their skin.

It is also prescribed for hyper-pigmentation, which is a similar condition, but where the sufferer has increased pigmentation in patches.

The cream basically stops all pigmentation, and if used for long enough, and consistently over time, it can cause a permanent bleaching of the skin to a white color.

The problem is, that if you continue to use it for a long time, it causes terrible side effects, and is not fit for use on humans, at all.

Side Effects Of The Main Bleaching Cream Prescribed By Doctors Today

Some of the side effects that occur are ochronosis, which shows up as blue-black bruises and thickening of the skin, rashes and just general annoyance and sensitivity.

It can cause photo-sensitivity, which means that the user is extra sensitive to sunlight, and can get burned easily, and have sunburns seem extremely painful.

When absorbed into the bloodstream in large enough percentages of toxicity, the patient develops nausea, stomach problems, hallucinations, liver failure, and many other problems which may not even show up until years later, and could be attributed to something else.

The drug has not been in use for that long, but at this stage, it is totally certain that it should no longer be in use at all, even though it is still being prescribed.

There are safe and effective over the counter alternatives that work almost as well at the depigmentation process, or covering up the uneven skin tone of people with freckles, acne scars, birthmarks, and vitiligo.

Why a doctor would prescribe a dangerous prescription cream with all those problems when there are non-prescription creams on the market that are almost as effective but with no harmful side effects is beyond me.

It seems that the doctors get their advice from the pharmaceutical companies, and those companies making non prescription medications to be bought over the counter are simply kept out of the loop, even when their product is safer and better in every way.

Safer Skin Bleaching Alternatives

So now that you know something about the dangers of the most commonly recommended prescription bleaching cream, (and that’s important), you should also know something about the non-prescription products.

There are creams on the market containing ingredients like arbutin, glycolic acid, kojic acid, sepiwhite FSH and even common ascorbic acid or vitamin C.

Different brands have different results, but usually any cream containing any of these ingredients will have some effect in whitening the color of the skin of the user. They will also bleach your skin white without causing as many side effects as the hydroquinone cream.

There are homemade remedies which have a mild effect such as lemon juice, but to get serious results you will need to use a cream containing one of the stronger ingredients just mentioned.

There was a story about a skin bleaching product on the market containing mercury, so it is important to do some serious research on a product before you buy. This cannot be done in a single article, as sources of online information need to be verified and backed up by other sources.

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